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Three years later, in 1995, An Awfully Big Adventure film starring Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Prunella Scales, and Georgina Cates as Stella, was released.
What is predictable in Still awfully fond of Nanny is that homosexuality will be a recurring theme in its stories.
2 : in a disagreeable or unpleasant manner <He sings awfully.
Though well intentioned, Thomas' solutions to resolving conflicts are awfully simplistic and idealistic.
Timing might be everything, as many believe, but if it's not, it's awfully close.
You don't quite get the same sense of organic music making that you do from Keith Jarrett's "Standards" trio (with Mehldau, there is more of a sense that he is the leader and the others are providing accompaniment), but the end result is still awfully, awfully good.
But while Hollywood has added more "flavor" to its prime-time lineup, the programming still remains awfully bland.
Maybe it's just me, but long-term care seems awfully expensive.
It's awfully hard to determine whether you can really see a coma" around such a distant object, notes Brian G.
Most happily, within the limits of any academic product, the book is an awfully good read.
But even if their surreal analogies do not stimulate, the designers can always be proud of their dimensions: size may not be everything, but in this case, it's awfully impressive.