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Dame Beryl's time at the Williamson Square theatre was recounted in her Booker Prize-nominated novel An Awfully Big Adventure.
Though there's an occasional amusing gag about technology run amok, ``Hyperdrive'' is more droll than funny and awfully cheesy, to boot.
The use of discipline and canon law "seems to be awfully one-sided," said Bishop Anderson.
Though well intentioned, Thomas' solutions to resolving conflicts are awfully simplistic and idealistic.
When I looked at some of the fenders of the cars of yore, it struck me that there was some awfully good forming going on back then.
Timing might be everything, as many believe, but if it's not, it's awfully close.
Once the coup collapsed under the weight of its protruding right wing, the Bush Administration looked awfully silly.
Awfully nice to get a $5million sole source when you know you will be the only bidder on the RFP.
You don't quite get the same sense of organic music making that you do from Keith Jarrett's "Standards" trio (with Mehldau, there is more of a sense that he is the leader and the others are providing accompaniment), but the end result is still awfully, awfully good.
Hodgkin can be a subtle colorist even in bright pictures--Memories, 1997-99, is a good example-but this context made it awfully hard to see that; paintings that matched the coloristic sobriety around them (Autumn Foliage, 1998-99) or even outdid it (Dirty Mirror, 2000) looked best here.
But while Hollywood has added more "flavor" to its prime-time lineup, the programming still remains awfully bland.
Maybe it's just me, but long-term care seems awfully expensive.