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The first will have an awful outcome, while the second will be infinitive awfulness.
From first frame to last, "Some Kind of Beautiful" is some kind of hideous, a perfect storm of romantic-comedy awfulness that seems to set the ailing genre back decades with the sheer force of its ineptitude.
JENNIFER Lopez's new stalker thriller is an hour and a half of such eye-watering awfulness, you can't help but enjoy its cheesy charms.
I felt if I appeared to be sorry for him, it would in the eyes of others lessen the awfulness of what he had done.
When the story opens he is bored with the lack of action and cannot understand the other men in his dugout, experienced soldiers who have seen the awfulness of war and are glad of the comparative safety.
In terms of sheer, jarring awfulness, for me there is a clear winner, but I'll leave it to you to decide.
Not to start a one-down-manship of awfulness, it is worth remembering that not even a militant jihadist would desecrate a Bible--considered to be a holy book.
I've spent the afternoon crying just from the sheer awfulness of it.
Lavishly embellished with bold and scratchy black and white illustrations which capture the full awfulness of all the characters, this fast-moving novel offers crazy action, creative word play and wildly hilarious plot.
A former train journey would have been quiet and peaceful, as one would normally expect the bus to be, but no, the experience of a potentially quiet pleasant journey is ruined by the mind boggling awfulness of this crackpot system of "announcements".
I think it's worse than the God Save the Queen image in a way, or certainly on a par with it for awfulness.
And yet, for all of its wretched awfulness, we couldn't help but include the film in our list; its massive visibility helped educate wide swaths of the population previously only dimly aware of the subject.