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It was an awkward letter to write--and it's a comfort to have it over.
Well, all I can say is, Madame Mantalini, that I quite love the poor girl; and that if she was twice as indifferent- looking, and twice as awkward as she is, I should be only so much the more her friend, and that's the truth of it.
said Miss Knag, bestowing a kiss upon Kate at the conclusion of the second day's work, 'how very awkward you have been all day.
To send you a bottle of Lafitte and roast turkey out there would be a little awkward.
Needless also to say, that THEY asked awkward questions directly, and that the "foreign politics" and the "falling asleep in the sun" wouldn't serve a second time over with THEM.
As their strength and their grandeur, so their navigation, commerce, and husbandry are very imperfect, compared to the same things in Europe; also, in their knowledge, their learning, and in their skill in the sciences, they are either very awkward or defective, though they have globes or spheres, and a smattering of the mathematics, and think they know more than all the world besides.
I must confess I travelled more pleasantly afterwards in the deserts and vast wildernesses of Grand Tartary than here, and yet the roads here are well paved and well kept, and very convenient for travellers; but nothing was more awkward to me than to see such a haughty, imperious, insolent people, in the midst of the grossest simplicity and ignorance; and my friend Father Simon and I used to be very merry upon these occasions, to see their beggarly pride.
In terms of the cultural zeitgeist, awkwardness has replaced irony as the default sensibility, argued Elif Batuman in a New Yorker essay titled "The Awkward Age" in September 2014.
Colombia will cause you problems: they'll get into awkward positions offensively and defensively.
A short account of the life of a penguin confirmed to be a bit awkward when walking but marvelous at flying through the water.
You might think it would be an awkward conversation asking whether your girlfriend wants to exchange gifts or not, but it has to be said.