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"I'll tell it just as the Awkward Man read it, as far as I can," said the Story Girl, "but I can't put all his nice poetical touches in, because I can't remember them all, though he read it over twice for me."
But it will be awkward about your letters; they won't come to you in that mask."
He found time to admire the ease with which she sat down, then lurched toward a chair facing her, overwhelmed with consciousness of the awkward figure he was cutting.
"It's awkward to be interrupted in this way, isn't it?"
"It was an awkward letter to write--and it's a comfort to have it over."
'Ordinary!' cried Miss Knag with a countenance beaming delight; 'and awkward! Well, all I can say is, Madame Mantalini, that I quite love the poor girl; and that if she was twice as indifferent- looking, and twice as awkward as she is, I should be only so much the more her friend, and that's the truth of it.'
'Bless you!' said Miss Knag, bestowing a kiss upon Kate at the conclusion of the second day's work, 'how very awkward you have been all day.'
It is impossible to go back to the same conversation, to talk of trifles is awkward, and yet the desire to speak is there and silence seems like affectation.
"No," answered Pierre, evidently not considering awkward the meaning Princess Mary had given to his words.
HAS anyone else heard the expression 'as awkward as Arthur's hatband'?
Alan Nadel's edited collection of essays on the plays of August Wilson presents a splendid array of critical approaches to Wilson's work, an annotated bibliography, and Wilson's own apparently controversial statement, "I Want a Black Director," which is discussed by Michael Awkward.