awkward predicament

See: dilemma
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Halfacre happened to be in this awkward predicament, and he broke down in the effort to sustain himself.
At once I realized that I was in a very awkward predicament. For, about twelve feet away from me, John and Mary Cavendish were standing facing each other, and they were evidently quarrelling.
In such an awkward predicament, how on earth this country could be a happy nation?
"The very last frame of the first season leaves Bryan in a very, very awkward predicament. Awkward isn't the right word [but] the way it ends, Bryan will never be the same," Standen told ( Global News of how the final moments in the Season 1 finale will affect Bryan moving forward.
He's currently working in maternity, and the evening before our chat, found himself in an awkward predicament.
I'm in a very awkward predicament. My older sister can't have her own children as she had a hysterectomy some years ago.
* The most awkward predicament any board can get itself into is for a sitting CEO to abruptly step down and leave the board with no name to pull out of the envelope.
His schedule already produced the awkward predicament of visiting Jerusalem during Shabbat, the weekly sabbath during which observant Jews do not work or use electricity.
Refusing to get downbeat about the awkward predicament he found himself in, Lennon-Ford stuck to what he knew best - training hard.
By one of our saying, we have always found ourselves in this awkward predicament, and every Lebanese understands it.
Q I'M in an awkward predicament. I'm married with a young son, and very happy in life.