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Catherine began to feel something of disappointment -- she was tired of being continually pressed against by people, the generality of whose faces possessed nothing to interest, and with all of whom she was so wholly unacquainted that she could not relieve the irksomeness of imprisonment by the exchange of a syllable with any of her fellow captives; and when at last arrived in the tea-room, she felt yet more the awkwardness of having no party to join, no acquaintance to claim, no gentleman to assist them.
So that what you take for the White Whale's malice is only his awkwardness. For he never means to swallow a single limb; he only thinks to terrify by feints.
If there had not been so much anger, there would have been desperate awkwardness; but their straightforward emotions left no room for the little zigzags of embarrassment.
The cue was still in my hand, and I went on knocking the balls about, to take off the awkwardness of the thing.
Philip thought this answer would cause the boy a certain awkwardness, but Venning was not to be turned from his facetiousness for so little.
Either from awkwardness or intentionally (no one could have said which) after the shawl had been adjusted he kept his arm around her for a long time, as though embracing her.
Amy Hart also took to the dancefloor in an effort to shake off the awkwardness of being in the same place as her ex Curtis and his new beau Maura.
That kid was me, and the picture was a testament to my awkwardness.
However, ( RadarOnline recently published an article claiming Pitt and Paltrow worked out their issues and were on good terms at Aniston's birthday party following years of "awkwardness."
The shape-shifting bed also eliminates the awkwardness of inviting new friends over with no place for them to sit but the bed.
Dubai: One of the most keenly awaited authors at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature to be held in March next year, Ty Tashiro's approach to explaining the characteristics of awkwardness in humans has won him the admiration of millions of readers.
'But sex is intrinsically part of this - with all the awkwardness, fumbling and moments in between.' 'You have to make it feel real,' adds Toni.