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2006) gave a comparison between the numerical and experimental tangential velocities of gases at two axial positions, respectively, 0.
2] is characteristic of octahedral geometry and a six co-ordinated structure (Nakamoto 1978) with the two NCS groups occupying axial position in the [NiL.
In the trans chair configuration, the placement of the ester groups in the equatorial position formed the most stable conformation, and ring flip that would place the esters into an axial position was sterically limited by 1,3-diaxial interactions resulting from van der Waals repulsion with the hydrogens in the 3 and 5 positions.
The results demonstrated that the manually inserted screws at low backpressure smoothly rotate at the axial position.
The air drawing model of polymers consists of a continuity equation, a momentum equation, an energy equation, a constitutive equation, and a crystallization kinetics equation [7-10], the surrounding air conditions (velocity and temperature) are considered as given functions of axial position [11-13], nearly all experimental data are well fit by a drag force correlation of the following forms.
Each sensor is located at the same axial position near the extruder exit in the transfer line, but at different angular positions so that each is monitoring a slightly different portion of the extrudate, but this difference is minimized by making measurements under steady-state flow conditions.
The startup condition used in the calculations consisted of first extruding and attaching the blown film tube to the nip rolls under conditions of uniform (with respect to axial position Z) tube radius and film thickness.
The variation of the axial position of the melt point is shown in Fig.
Because the axial position of the sphere is measured relative to the contact point (air-liquid-wall interface) it has positive values when the sphere is in the convex portion of the air-liquid interface which lies above the air-liquid-wall interface.
In their work, Christiano and Lindenfelzer made time dependent pressure measurements by recording eight radial data values at every axial position along each kneading disc.
o] is the average axial position of the liquid front prior to gas penetration.