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The monosubstituted and disubstituted transition states, 6 and 7 respectively (Figure 3 and Figure 4), had the ethynyl anion attacking the trigonal bipyramidal boron center in the axial position and the leaving group fluorine, coordinated with magnesium bromide, in the second axial position.
Used extensively throughout industry to monitor rotating shaft alignment and axial position, particularly on steam and gas turbines, centrifuges and pumps, Sensonics proximity probes provide a range of non-contacting measurement configurations and comply with the API 670 standard.
According to these authors in both compounds each metal atom is surrounded by a transplanar arrangement of two O and two N atom lying at corners of a square, six co-ordination is completed by two chloride atom which occupy the axial position so that the whole polyhedron can be described as a distorted octahedron.
With X-Melt, this is achieved by moving the screw forward to a desired axial position, then locking it in place to allow the pressure to distribute evenly in the melt, in front of the screw.
They used a noninvasive technique to quantify mixing as a function of axial position in a commercial twin-screw extruder.
The conformations that favored esters with an axial position (trans-1,3-CHDA and cis-1,4-CHDA) had lower hydrolytic velocity than conformations that favored an equatorial ester position.
Electronegative substituents at the C-2 position of saturated heterocycles or at the anomeric carbon of a pyranose ring favor the equatorial position much less than expected; often the axial position is favored.
The HSK design can greatly improve toolholder stiffness and the accuracy of radial and axial position over a wider range of spindle speeds compared to traditional tapered toolholders.