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Along with vertebral fractures, sacral stress fractures are the most commonly encountered lesions of the axial skeleton in the peripartum period.
Patchy sclerosis was noted at most places in visualized axial skeleton on bone windows
Rao, "SAPHO syndrome with acne fulminans and severe polyosteitis involving axial skeleton," Indian Dermatology Online Journal, vol.
The low incidence of spinal column injuries in children is mainly attributed to the anatomic characteristics of the axial skeleton in childhood.
Bone metastases are preferentially to the axial skeleton especially the pelvis, lumbar/sacral spine, and rib cage [2,4].
It is necessary to validate these data with larger series for less common indications, such as lung and renal cancers, which might metastasize to the distal limbs before spreading to the axial skeleton [17, 18].
It is a chronic, progressive, multi-system inflammatory disorder which primarily involves the sacroiliac (SI) joints and the axial skeleton. Peripheral joints and tendons can also be affected.
(1,2) Osteosarcoma is an aggressive, malignant neoplasm that can occur as a primary bone tumor, affecting the appendicular or axial skeleton or, rarely, with a soft-tissue in origin (ie, extraskeletal osteosarcoma).
The device must be so operationally equipped and installed with full acquisition processing and includes all requirements (gamma and CT camera requirements, software and hardware requirements) to obtain optimum image quality in investigations (especially in bone studies - both axial skeleton, peripheral joint zones with prosthetics) with the lowest possible radiation exposure for the patient and for the shortest possible duration (scan time).
The axial skeleton, particularly the posterior elements are the most favorable sites of the osteoblastoma and account for 40% of the total, followed by those occurring in the long bones of the lower extremity, which account for 20%.
The axis of Barilium is unknown; however, Delapparentia can be clearly differentiated from Barilium (Norman, 2011a) in the rest of the axial skeleton. The mid-anterior dorsal vertebrae with a gentle ventral midline keel in Delapparentia are absent in Barilium, the vertebrae having smoothly convex ventral surfaces (Norman, 2011a: fig.
Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting sacroiliac joints and axial skeleton. (1) Although the etiology and pathogenesis of AS are not yet fully understood, it seems to be entirely immune system-mediated.