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The origin of the sternoclavicular artery was situated ventral to the origin of the axillary artery.
The endovascular treatment of traumatic subclavian and axillary artery injuries continues to evolve.
Double-injection perivascular ultrasound-guided axillary brachial plexus block according to needle positioning: 12 versus 6 o'clock position of the axillary artery.
Aberrant right subclavian artery and axillary artery cannulation in type A aortic dissection repair.
The emergence of endovascular modalities offers an alternative to traditional surgical management of select subclavian and axillary artery traumatic lesions.
In 2-3% Korean cadavers, a superficial brachial artery arising from axillary artery and continuing in the forearm as radial artery has been reported.
Vascular compromise, most commonly occurring as a result of axillary artery injury, has been reported in 3.
Pseudoaneurysms of the axillary artery are uncommon and usually encountered after penetrating or blunt trauma to the axilla (1).
The surgeon repaired a severed axillary vein and punctured axillary artery.
With concomitant cardiogenic shock, veno-arterial cannulation may be required with cannulation of the right internal jugular or femoral vein for outflow, and for inflow, the femoral artery directly or the axillary artery by a surgically placed side graft.
A few years later, Abramowitz and Cohen using a bi-directional Doppler performed a difficult axillary block in a 65-year-old man in which two anaesthetists and a vascular surgeon had been unable to palpate the axillary artery in 20 minutes.
The axillary artery, a continuation of the subclavian artery, begins at the outer border of the first rib, and ends normally at the inferior border of teres major muscle where onwards it continues as the brachial artery.