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Because aberrations of the association between these two nerves are frequent and occur in up to 20% of cases, recognition and orientation of the median and musculocutaneous nerves before axillary nerve block is particularly important (11-16).
In analysing the recipient nerves, axillary nerve was neurotized in 58% and SS nerve in 30% of cases.
The axillary nerve was carefully exposed and protected at this location but not formally explored.
The median nerve traverses most of the time superior to the axillary artery, while the ulnar and axillary nerves are found inferior to the axillary artery.
This explains the severe damage to deltoid and rotator cuff muscles as well as the neurologic damage to the axillary nerve.
After the rerouted nerves have the opportunity to regenerate to their new target muscles, the axillary nerve under the individual's volitional control will provide functional connections to not one but several muscles.
Through a single longitudinal incision the anterior branch to the axillary nerve is isolated in the quadrilateral space.
57) Caution should be used with a bicortical technique due to the proximity of the axillary nerve at the level of the PM insertion.
Axillary nerve, suprascapular nerve, long thoracic nerve and extremity peripheral nerve conduction studies were normal.
In addition, anchoring of supraspinatus tendon is to the humeral head, which is supplied by axillary nerve.
He checks for integrity of the axillary nerve, making sure sensation is preserved over the middle leaf of the deltoid muscle.
It is important to continue the release medially under and around any inferior humeral spurs in order to protect the axillary nerve.