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The examiner then applied sterile gloves, lifted the feathers from the axillary region to isolate a naturally unfeathered region of skin and, with a sterile culturette swab, swabbed the axilla for 5 seconds.
Proximal nerves (eg, interscalene, supraclavicular, sciatic, and popliteal) were clearly seen as hypoechoic structures surrounded by hyperechoic border (classically described as a "honeycomb appearance"), consistent with previous reports, (5) compared to distal peripheral nerves which were smaller hyper-echoic structures such as in the axillary region.
She had bronchial breathing in right axillary region with cardiomegaly and hepatosplenomegaly.
Ultrasound was unable to identify the neurovascular sheath in the axillary region or identify the presence of septa or compartments within the sheath that could contribute to the uneven distribution of local anaesthetic within the sheath.
To provide better access to the axillary region, patients were subsequently placed in the lateral decubitus position.