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1] Although the cord is visible in the axillary region, it can be neglected, if the patient is not undressed during the physical examination.
In both groups, a 22-gauge, 5cm block needle was entered to the axillary region with visualisation of the whole needle on ultrasound and 20ml local anaesthetic of 0.
7] Since axillary region is one of the most movables of the body, it can be exposed to microtrauma with each movement of the upper limb.
In March 2016, a new biopsy from a residual nodule lesion of the right axillary region revealed an atrophic epidermis with an infiltrate composed by foamy histiocytic granuloma with giant vacuoles occupying the entire extend of the dermis.
1e-1f): Somewhat oval shaped, costa straight, termen sinuated, dorsum straight, discoidal cell more than half length of the wing; veins, Sc+ R1arises from the axillary region, short and separated from R1, humeral (h) curves toward the proximal region of the costal margin begins from Sc+R1 and Rs, M1 originated from upper apex of the discal cell, M2 originates from middle of the discal cell, M3 originates from lower apex of the cell, Cu1 parallel to Cu2, two veins A2 and A3arise from the axillary of the wing, A2 ending at the tornus of wing, A3 ending at dorsal margin.
During the sixth week of embryonic life, the mammary milk lines, which represent two ectodermal thickenings, develop along the side of the embryo, extending from the axillary region to the groin.
Lesions are usually located on the buttocks and lower extremities, and in the anogenital or axillary region.
The axillary region in this patient has active, draining sinus tracts that have formed ropelike, fibrotic subcutaneous scars.
1) Of all cystic lymphangiomas, 95% occur in the neck and axillary region.
8 Less commonly this tumor can develop on the scalp eyelid orbit hand foot fore-head axillary region abdomen penis vulva and scrotum.