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Quality function deployment and Axiomatic design are the methods/design approaches, which have been widely used in other engineering fields, but also have a big potential in Integrated Building Design process, as it was used only in few cases.
A neutrosophic mathematical theory may consist of a neutrosophic space where a neutrosophic axiomatic system acts and produces all neutrosophic theorems within the theory.
It is feasible that a symbiosis of the proposed theory and Vdovin set theory [1, 2] will permit to formulate a (presumably) non-contradictory axiomatic set theory which will represent the core of Cantor set theory in a maximally full manner as to the essence and the contents.
We considered that it is important to use also in the algorithm proposed in (Yang & El-Haik, 2003), the functional analysis, that is a common design method for both axiomatic and systematic approaches.
Electronic Assistant[TM] together with an Axiomatic USB-CAN converter links the PC to the CAN bus for user configuration.
I agree that it is axiomatic that horses slow down at the end of a race.
Since the only way to use nuclear weapons responsibly is to not use them at all; it seems axiomatic that the current proliferation can only end in a culmination of martial power that puts all countries on a more or less equal level of threat.
It should be axiomatic that even in an ideal order of social justice, there would always be loneliness, suffering and deprivations of one kind or another, all of which cry out for neighbourly love.
In fact, it's almost axiomatic that the bigger the government, the more corrupt, unaccountable, unresponsive, inept, wasteful, politically driven, and oppressive it is.
Service levels have improved to the point where it is no longer axiomatic that service needs to be improved.
Godel's incompleteness theorem established that in any axiomatic system for arithmetic there are statements with the property that neither the statement nor its negation are provable from the axioms of the system.