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All of these law professors have, in theory, dedicated their lives to the study of this axiomatically adversarial system.
This can be formulated axiomatically as, behaviour is a function of experience.
Any poem, axiomatically, belongs to a given literary culture; and a poet-translator's work consists precisely in taking his chosen cultural artifact and re-locating it, in altered form, in a different cultural setting.
By "labeling so many people at low risk of symptoms as having chronic kidney disease, the new definition axiomatically produces overdiagnosis," Dr.
Growing at 5% with average annual inflation around 6%, axiomatically indicates that nominal growth must exceed 11%.
In the book, he mathematically demonstrated that aggregation of individual preferences into a social welfare function--even in utility space--is impossible unless one is willing to violate some conditions that seem axiomatically obvious.
From within the fold, such a move is unpalatable, even heretical; for, the integrity of the system--its premises, authorities, and institutions--must, axiomatically, remain inviolate, for they are precisely what constitute "Buddhism.
We know, axiomatically, how it is with victors in one cause and another--they claim the spoils and write the history; in the latter case, untangling heroism from villainy, assigning significance to the outcomes, defining challenges still to come.
This battle is drawn from the duplicity of Life itself, which is axiomatically death-dealing; birth is the claim check on both life and death.
In a new age of American priorities, securing global oil supplies no longer axiomatically tops the list, in what has been coined the 'Kuwait Question': Namely, would America step in to shore up a major oil producer in the region if things go wrong?
where {A(t) : t [member of] J} is a family of linear operators in Banach space E generating an evolution operator, F be a lower semicontinuous multifunction from J x B to the collection of all nonempty closed compact subset of E, B is the phase space defined axiomatically (see section 2) which contains the mapping from (-[infinity], 0] into E, [phi] [member of] B, 0 = [t.
Careful to avoid a misreading that may suggest that not "writing back" to an imperial center entails an acceptance of Euro-American neo-colonialism, the author axiomatically states that African literature is "first and foremost about self-perception" (p.