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The side-entry-type units feature one servo axis and two pneumatically driven axes and have adjustable strokes to accommodate varying mold heights and part thicknesses.
The AXIS 207 provides the highest quality video of any network camera designed specifically for entry-level users," said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications.
Axis and his father are both in love with her--she feels unworthy of the attention.
Click Next twice, and then in step 2 make additional adjustments: Add a Chart Title (Title tab), dump the Category (x) axis (Axes tab), delete the legend (Legend tab) and specify Show value (Data Labels tab).
Such observations have shown that the sun's rotation axis and its magnetic axis coincide, both in the photosphere and above it, Akasofu and Saito note.
G" ranges for vertical axis tables in successful applications have been observed at fractional "G" to about 4, but this can only be determined by the complexity of each casting.
RA-a units have a servo-drive main arm axis, and RAII-a units include a servo-drive compound main arm axis used to extract parts off the mold and lift them from the platen area for high speed and to conserve overhead clearance.