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Rumor has it that Lanai is making a strong comeback for axis deer.
I'd managed to take an aoudad, an axis deer, and a blackbuck, all during the last two days of my bowhunt.
Axis deer are on Molokai, Lanai and Maui, while there are mouflon sheep on Hawaii and Lanai.
My first close encounter with axis deer came on the second day.
An archery tournament and awards banquet took place on Saturday, followed by the public axis deer hunt on Sunday.
Like axis deer, nilgai originally inhabited the Indian subcontinent.
Once you get hooked on mouflon in the islands of eternal summer, the sheep-hunting bug may bite you and you'll forget all about antlers--at least until you see Hawaii's axis deer.
Last June, I spent a few days in Texas chasing free-range axis deer and hogs while peering through German Precision Optics' PASSION ED 10x42 bin oculars ($400).
The ban defines a cervid as animals of the family Cervidae, including but not limited to white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, caribou, fallow deer, axis deer, sika deer, red deer and reindeer.
com) offers more than 130,000 huntable acres of rugged ranch country roamed by axis deer, Black Hawaiian sheep.
After the axis deer, the blackbuck is probably the most numerous "exotic" and is available on most hunting properties in southern Texas.
22 caliber bullets intended for deer were new, I shot a big axis deer with a 60-grain Trophy Bonded Bearclaw.