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The PSI also exhibits a pyramid error which arises because it is misaligned relative to the axis of rotation.
Counter the ball so that your spine is away from the axis of rotation.
As in the case of using the first method, this time also is impossible an ideal centring and always remains an eccentricity between the spindle axis of rotation and the roundness standard of unknown value and direction in the measuring plane.
Our VAWT has 5 vertical blades that are equally arranged around the axis of rotation.
Analyzing obtained ratio one may draw conclusion that under conditions of the initial bar rotation flowing off of the melt drop is determined by frequency of the bar rotation and location of a drop relative axis of rotation.
The mounting of the prism with respect to the axis of rotation of the turntable was such that these were parallel to within [+ or -] 1 mrad.
This value allows the coordinates of the axis of rotation to be determined.
Researchers from Princeton University and the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) said that during the past 160,000 years nitrogen fixation rose and fell in a pattern that closely matched the changing orientation of Earth's axis of rotation, or axial precession.
It is called coaxial when the axis of rotation of the tool and the piece are parallel to each other.
In a galaxy, called MCG-5-23-16, Reeves' team determined that the accretion disk is angled at 45[degrees] to the black hole's axis of rotation.
Key statement: (1) Providing 360 degree circumferential tread restraint; (2) sealingly holding the beads concentric to, and equidistant from, the axis of rotation, and symmetrically spaced about the equatorial plane; and (3) inflating the selected tire to a controlled pressure, and holding the controlled pressure for a controlled time to a controlled temperature above a glass transition temperature of the tire's ply cord material; and before the end of the controlled time, cooling the selected tire below the glass transition temperature.
We accomplished this by making the center of mass of the load correspond to the axis of rotation very well (balance periods of[greater than] 120 s).