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In the following calculation, the axis of rotation is assumed to be the ith edge of the convex hull, and the hand cart insertion position and end effector pushing point are determined.
5 mm from the axis of rotation showed a required spin time of 1190 s to remove 99% of the trapped bubbles.
Figure 2 shows the design of a centrifugal machine with the vertical axis of rotation which can be used in the centrifugal electroslag casting system.
The centrifugal force, due to rotation, pushed metal into the runners and mold cavities, and a vertical vortex formed along the axis of rotation.
However, when an elastic solution like polyisobutylene is stirred, it gravitates toward the axis of rotation and creates an inverted vortex.
For example, a girl's axis of rotation, which is important in many sports such as ice-skating and gymnastics, can change dramatically during Tanner stage IV-V, and this is the time when disordered eating is most likely to emerge.
Since any plane containing the axis of rotation intersects the paraboloid in a parabola of the same size as the original one, the paraboloid has a single focus F.
If the axis of rotation of the oval is its major axis and if the axis of rotation of the lenticular is its minor axis, they would revolve like the sphere, without needing an empty space (makan khal).
The IVT uses a swash plate design that imparts reciprocating motion via the inclination of a faceplate on a shaft relative to the axis of rotation.
Maximum stimulus is provided by a horizontal oscillation of the chair as the patient's head is tilted forward to bring the plane of the horizontal semicircular canal to a right angle to the axis of rotation.
We accomplished this by making the center of mass of the load correspond to the axis of rotation very well (balance periods of[greater than] 120 s).
He draws his weight closer to his axis of rotation (center point at which Hawk rotates), and hikes up his speed.