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Although it is a rough estimate, I believe the earth's rotational axis of earth did not move, and the earth's magnetic axis shifted instead.
Even though Russian officials didn't criticize the situation and obviously supported the public reaction, it doesn't mean that Moscow will allow Armenia to have an axis shift toward the Western alliance.
For all the cases of calculations the wheel axis shift and contact force between the tire and absolutely rigid road surface were measured.
While engaging with the Arab Spring, a Turkey that promotes secular and plural democracy and a democratic state rather than a rantier state, would also respond very strongly to the ungrounded and highly ideological charges of the axis shift, or drifting away from the West, that have been put forward against its foreign policy.
As far as the overall conclusions which could be drawn from the articles presented in this special issue of Insight Turkey are concerned, perhaps the first and foremost is a categorical rejection of reductionist and crude categorizations compressed under the rubric of the "axis shift" debate.
The coaxial line axis shift by [+ or -] [Delta] for the transition's construction results in an impedance variation for the active device installed in the coaxial line and transformed to the waveguide.
They raised their concerns about the new international relations policy with slogans like "axis shift" and "neo-Ottomanism." There were serious discussions about whether Turkey was turning its back on the West and embracing the East and the Third World.
The argument of Turkey's so-called "axis shift" appears to fit Turkey's changing foreign trade scheme because the number of new export destinations and the significant rise in Turkey's bilateral trade volume with Latin American, African and Mid-eastern countries as well as China illustrate this new orientation.
Gul expressed his reaction to axis shift discussions regarding Turkey and said, "all these things are wrong.