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We note that analytical solutions of problems of the effect of external homogeneous electrostatic field on multilayer dielectric spherical shells are known [12], which can be used to test the algorithm for solving the integral equation in the case of multilayer axisymmetric magnetized shells.
An axisymmetric elasto-plastic finite element model was developed.
Tension tests were conducted for axisymmetric specimens, plane stress specimens and plane strain specimens to obtain various stress states at the failure location.
A chaotic attractor at the hurricane maximum intensity stage is captured in an axisymmetric hurricane model, thus suggesting an upper limit on the accuracy of hurricane intensity forecasts at the 4-5-day lead times.
Prabhu, " Heat transfer enhancement on a flat surface with axisymmetric detached ribs by normal impingement of circular air jet" ,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (I.
In contrast to the plane strain problem, the solution to the axisymmetric problem depends on the yield criterion chosen.
Boundary layer behaviour on continuous solid surface 1 boundary layer equation for two dimensional and axisymmetric fow.
To answer the question posed, an axisymmetric analysis effort was undertaken using the commercial code STARCCM, version 9.