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Jahanzeb, Remediation of azo dyes by using household used black tea as an adsorbent, Afric.
Isolation and screening of azo dye decolorizing bacterial isolates from dye-contaminated textile wastewater.
Modified graphene quantum dots have been used in this research as nanocatalyst to synthesize azo dyes.
Among these azo dyes are important colorants and are characterized by the presence of one or more azo groups (N=N) and constitute the largest class of dyes having extensive applications in textiles, papers, leathers, gasoline, additives, foodstuffs and cosmetics (Chen et al.
They are: Erythrosin included in the class of xanthene dyes; Blue indigotine included in the indigotin class of dyes, Patent Blue V, Fast Green and Brilliant Blue in class of triphenylmethane dyes, Bordeaux Red, Ponceau 4R, Red 40, Azorubine, Tartrazine Yellow and Sunset Yellow, included in the class of azo dyes (POLONIO; PERES, 2009).
According to reports, certain types of azo dyes can break down to form "aromatic amines" when there is prolonged contact with the skin.
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The area in which the azo dye formation based on this compound has not been developed except of few patents [11, 12].