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Findings represented tumor thrombus extension into the right atrium from the extensive tumor thrombus in the azygos system.
In the chest there are numerous lympho-venous connections between the azygos veins and the thoracic duct (3).
No cases of complete obstruction of the SVC and the azygos vein (type IV) were detected.
It is our belief that portraying venous angioplasty of the azygos and jugular veins as a high-risk procedure is a widespread misconception that needs to be addressed and corrected," he noted.
The vertebral venous plexus is a valveless system which communicates directly with pelvic, sacral, intercostal, azygos, caval and intracranial veins (1).
1,2) From the cisterna chyli, it ascends into the chest through the aortic hiatus, along the right side of the aorta, and continues posterior to the esophagus in the posterior mediastinum between the aorta and the azygos vein.
A posteroanterior chest roentgenogram showed scoliosis, left-sided aortic arch, left-sided cardiac apex, dilated azygos vein, generalized cardiomegaly, prominent pulmonary trunk, and plethoric lungs (Figure 3a).
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Sermo; previously Founder, Azygos, Inc.
3), azygos continuation of the IVC (not shown) and a circumaortic renal vein (Fig.
Each physician Read Morehas extensive experience with stenoses of the jugular, azygos and other veins that have been associated with CCSVI.