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The supercardinal system forms the azygos and hemiazygos veins.
Dilated collateral paravertebral veins were draining into the dilated azygos vein that joins the SVC at the normal location.
We have been using angioplasty to open jugular and azygos veins in the neck and chest respectively to improve blood flow in people with MS.
Interventional radiologists routinely do vein valvuloplasty-such as for the internal jugular and the azygos - so assessment and treatment should be widely available.
The azygos vein is divided for access to perform fistula division and primary oesophageal segment anastomosis.
Acute right-sided heart failure, which is critical for risk stratification can be assessed at CT pulmonary angiography by measuring the dimensions of right-sided heart cavities or upstream venous structures, such as the SVC or azygos vein10.
Postulated mechanisms for the development of pleural effusions in patients with hepatic cirrhosis include: hypoalbuminemia and decreased oncotic pressure leakage of the plasma from the hypertensive azygos vein, lymphatic leak from the thoracic duct, passage of ascitic fluid to the pleural space by way of lymphatic channels in the diaphragm, and transfer of peritoneal fluid directly via diaphragmatic defects (2).
An optional transthoracic impedance sensing lead can be placed in the azygos vein to monitor respiration.
The patient was a 56-year-old woman with exertional dyspnea and a diffuse mass in the posterior mediastinum on CT scan that entrapped the esophagus, bronchi, and azygos vein.