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Has the wine been getting into your head or do you always babble in this way?
Check your glib tongue, Thersites," said be, "and babble not a word further.
Instantly De Griers burst into a babble of French as he advised, jumped about, declared that such and such chances ought to be waited for, and started to make calculations of figures.
Followed the usual aimless babble that every low-caste native must raise on every occasion.
Why, thou shall babble like a mill-stream, if thou wilt.
She talked so little, and the other maids talked so much, that the babble did not strike him as possessing a new note, and he was ever in the habit of neglecting the particulars of an outward scene for the general impression.
He glanced at me once or twice reflectively, but for the most part seemed occupied with his own thoughts; and certainly without Stroeve's babble the conversation would have been difficult.
And now came more bustle than ever; a great running hither and thither, a rapping of hammers and a babble of voices sounded everywhere through the place, for the folk were building great arches across the streets, beneath which the King was to pass, and were draping these arches with silken banners and streamers of many colors.
No river was visible, but the air was full of the rush and babble of a torrent close at hand.
While Ralph took off his coat, she had time to notice the ferns and photographs and draperies, and to hear a hum, or rather a babble, of voices talking each other down, from the sound of them.
Why, we're all ready to go," said the Shaggy Man, putting his fingers to his ears to shut out the monotonous babble of those around the wagon.
As though by some curious instinct which they both shared, they glanced across the table to where Granet had become the centre of a little babble of animated conversation.