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Keep where thou canst hear the babble of the brook.
I might get brain fever in a German hospital and begin to babble.
Then, when our ammunition was gone and the Klondiker, still somewhat sober, began to babble again of Milly, Kraft whispered into his ear such a polite, barbed insult relating to people who were miserly with their funds, that the miner crashed down handful after handful of silver and notes, calling for all the fluids in the world to drown the imputation.
Has the wine been getting into your head, or do you always babble in this way?
Has the wine been getting into your head or do you always babble in this way?
Pay attention, mom and dad, especially when your infant looks at you and babbles.
As if parodying the Hollywood thriller commonplace of the intuitive detective experiencing lightning-bolt revelations, he excitedly babbles, "He's here, he's right here," convinced that his unknown enemy--a child-stealing Erl-King of his own making--is watching from nearby.
The teachers are crazy in various ways, ranging from the anti-Semitic English teacher to the biology teacher who babbles to herself in the coat closet during the class.