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Babel, signed for Al Ain during thesummer, made international headlines over the weekend after a series ofderogatory comments on Twitter.
My feeling about Al Ain was very positive, was very good, and if my feeling wasn't like that I would never have come," added Babel, who has signed a two-year contract.
Babel has defined a standard test to check all the relevant criteria, using its Pre-cert test.
Dory Rizk, CEO of Afkar Holding Group, said: "At Babel we are committed to bringing our customers a compelling hospitality experience that explores the complexity of Lebanese cuisine and delivers outstanding service and ambience.
A source in Babel police said to NINA reporter : "A car bombe parked near a gathering of markets exploded noting that the incident resulted in a preliminary outcome of killing two people and wounding 12 others.
Former Liverpool winger Babel said: "It was a statement to the other teams.
Now, following 18 months at German club Hoffenheim, Babel has returned to Ajax and believes he is in the perfect place to regain his best form.
Blake tells a captivating story about her start as a Babel scholar in Moscow in 1962, when she was a journalist casting around for biographical sources while being tailed by a KGB motorcade.
The province, in central Iraq, is in desperate need of new housing projects - and Babel Hills is designed to address some of that need.
Babel looked as though he was heading for Bundesliga side Hoffenheim after the clubs agreed a fee.
Babel flew to Germany yesterday for talks and a medical with the Bundesliga outfit after the Anfield outfit accepted a bid of nearly pounds 6m for the Holland international.