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For Year 5 and year 6 children, the animations are also rather babyish and to be very specific, the objectives section features a goal scoring animation accompanied by loud cheering which can quickly become incredibly annoying
I've been annoyed lately by things that never really bothered me before, like the music my parents play in the car or the way my brother still calls me by my babyish nickname, is this normal?
But her real story is credited to the wife of Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler- Ruth Handler found that their young daughter Barbara, also known as Barbie, was playing with cut-outs of teenagers and women instead babyish dolls.
In a cultured British semi-voiced narration she captures Wemyss's obdurate vindictiveness as easily as Lucy's babyish sentimentality, and every other character just as well.
But standing up for what you believe isn't babyish.
Richards said: "The horse is still green and babyish and basically thought he had won but then lost all concentration.
You can choose from 81 original, high-quality fabrics creating looks that are sweet but not sugary, delightful but not babyish, and a breath of fresh air compared to the bunnies and frills that up until now have dominated the nursery.
The whole can of worms about the dumbing-down of education, the simplifying of syllabuses and exams to babyish levels, the lowering of expectations of pupils, has been well and truly opened.
Whether it was the industrial-strength eye makeup, the cotton-candy wiglets woven together and teased into a cascading pink mane, or the helium-inflected Georgia drawl punctuated with babyish cooing and upper-register burbling, I was hooked.
Nor surprisingly he finds there is probably not an adjective that couldn't be made to fit God -- as humanity has perceived Him -- and lists 'mighty, jealous, rude, babyish, deluded, omniscient, vicious, ratty, benign, merciful, duplicitous' and a string of others.
Two Serbs crawl out to investigate; one is killed by the enemy Ciki (grizzled Branko Djuric), but not before he sets a booby-trap mine under a Bosnian corpse; the other Serb, Nino (bald, babyish Rene Bitorajac) is wounded by Ciki.
Ashley's brother picked Quanah, up and said, in a babyish voice, "Did you miss me?