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Contrary to the babyish advertisements, 'Gaz and Leccy' aren't "out of control" at all, they can be easily controlled by use of the down knob and off switch respectively.
Colourful illustrations add interest to the pages without being babyish and handy hint circles and news flash shapes draw attention to important facts.
O'Brien said: "He's very babyish and green when he gets there.
I had a few goes on him last year and he was still babyish and raw.
Mulholland said: "He is still very green and babyish, but thankfully he keeps ticking the right boxes.
When I pointed out they were remarkably similar to her other ones, she confided, "Yes, but Mammy, they're Peppa Pig ones and everyone says they're babyish.
O'Brien said: "We liked him before he ever ran but he disappointed the first day and my son Joseph said that he was very idle and babyish.
Fashion, beauty, catwalk, celebrities, babyish models and more shopping than ever before- India's foremost kids fashion show IKFS which continues to grow and realize its vision of becoming an iconic fashion is going to be there scouting new opportunities and talent.
The last official pictures of George were published to mark his first birthday on July 22 and the Queen's great grandson has lost his babyish face in the intervening four months and appears to have grown taller.
A lot of the spelling apps out there are quite babyish and phonic - for kids who haven't grasped spelling basics by year four or five," Hannah said.
It probably won't fill them with confidence either that their consultant uses medical terms like "necrotising enterocolitis" and babyish words like "tummy" in the same sentence.
Sweety, get over yourself, you're nothing without attention and even if you received it, it's only to entertain individuals of your babyish, spoilt brat-like attitude which no longer exists in today's world.