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From 10 million barrels per day in 1950, global consumption soared to 77 million in 2000, a half-century bacchanalia of fossil fuel burning.
It's nice to see a house party that features a music-themed game of charades and cabs called for the kids, instead of a drunken bacchanalia.
ALL ALONG, BROOK HAD PLANNED to emulate the ancient tradition by which "a satyr-play concluded a trilogy of tragedies, performed by half-human half-animal creatures, the actors donning horns and hairy goat-legs" to displace "the tragic action [with] humor, licentiousness and wine": the Oedipus audience would see a form of bacchanalia.
The subsuming of history and geography under the "rock" and the distantness of France may urge us to forecast the Orient as a once-again legendary destination ripe with occult and bacchanalia friendly to our sen sory desires.
Elektra has long been reggarded a work steeped in lurid, eroticized violence, and this production certainly tries to move this to the fore: the palace of Agamemnon becomes a shrine to decadence, with languid and lascivious cross-dressing servants, a whip-wielding matron, Brazilian carnival dancers and a wild, nude bacchanalia, through which the usurper Aegisthus struts, carrying a pistol and wearing a dressing gown and gaudy jewelry, like a bloated Hugh Hefner-turned mafia don.
To me, however, Betsy is an impediment to the expected bacchanalia and, possibly, to the life of this article itself.
Of course, the "maenads" of the Bacchanalia, famous for their ecstatic worship, get a thorough treatment.
Thirty years later, the drug-fueled bacchanalia that symbolized the area in the '80s has largely disappeared.
The Home Quarter provides five floors of shopping space for a range of furniture, art and accessories concessions who rent spaces, including Bacchanalia Cook Shop, Stocktons, Collins & Hayes and Hothouse Interiors.
Which is what made the Bobby Chinn media bacchanalia such a gag-inducing spectacle.
FIRST DAY BACCHANALIA (ROMAN) 1888: The first recorded sale of a manufactured motor car was to Emile Roger of Paris, who bought a petrol-driven Benz.
He has this to say about the social havoc brought about by a permissive attitude toward unchecked homosexual behavior: "As gay liberation took hold, gay males, feeling ebullient from their new-found freedom, descended into a bacchanalia of narcissism and promiscuity.