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Cue much bathing in money, dodo and unicorn sandwiches and general Bacchanalian celebrations.
So within hours of the wall being raised by Sunday evening, the structure had been demolished, dashing the bacchanalian hopes of the babus.
I moved here for the land, the sweet soil that is literally bursting with life, a natural exuberance that can only be characterized as Bacchanalian.
And he's endemic of an entire section of the current population who've grown up watching reality TV shows like BB and X Factor, who truly believe that they can get whatever they desire in life - the big house, the flash cars, the holiday villa in the Caymans and legions of flunkies tending to their every Bacchanalian whim - simply by wanting it hard enough.
The week-long fete in May opens with a glittering gala that takes over the historic New York Public Library for a bacchanalian night when more than 100 top mixologists shake up some 40,000 cocktails for more than 3,000 elegantly attire d guests.
Rotund of figure and bacchanalian in appetite, Kim appeared a faintly ridiculous, Chaplinesque dictator.
it has no competitors because, you see, I pissed away the most bacchanalian ten years of my youth at the Chelsea in Room 505.
A bacchanalian thing happened--suddenly there was this strange, savage feeling.
The present versionwe have now is an American import called Trick or Treat, andwhile that, in itself is utter rubbish, it's not to going to lead to bacchanalian orgies, human sacrifice, and communing with the devil that Mr or MrsVeritasm seems to think happens every October 31.
Forget vague symbolism, B-Movie futurism or tired political posturing, Smith opts for a truly personal, first person view into a bacchanalian world of sin, excess, cynicism and insecurity framed by humour so black that it can only come from having been there, seen it and done it.
During a bacchanalian celebration, cheating ex-boyfriend Garrett (Matt O'Leafy) is set up to believe his one-time squeeze, Megan (Audrina Patridge), has overdosed on date-rape drugs he gave her.
The evening of Bacchanalian excess--well okay, some warm beer and a bit of a shuffle--slowly recedes from view.