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BACHELOR. The first degree taken at the universities in the arts and sciences, as bachelor of arts, & c. It is called, in Latin, Baccalaureus, from bacalus, or bacillus, a staff, because a staff was given, by way of distinction, into the hands of those who had completed their studies. Some, however, have derived the word from baccalaura, others from bas chevalier, as designating young squires who aspire to the knighthood. (Dupin.) But the derivation. of the word is uncertain.

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However, the forced bachelorhood makes many expat men feel lonely.
Finding the ring meant marriage within the year, while the sixpence meant wealth, and the thimble/button spinsterhood or bachelorhood.
Men usually ask for bachelorhood certificates at the courts prior to marriage contracts.
Gabrielle is NOT a love interest; Gabrielle is a 4-month-old golden retriever I bought for a lady friend--who is also not a love interest, though I suspect she's still plotting her assault on my bachelorhood.
Aweek of temporary bachelorhood (it ends tomorrow when she returns from holiday), a period reacquainting oneself with the concept of solitude.
The Stephen Sondheim musical "Company" focuses on the ups and downs of love, marriage and bachelorhood.
A hoard of misunderstandings roll into one huge snowball, and Celal, with the propaganda of his cronies, decides to dump Ceren for a life of liberated bachelorhood.
Without referring to the RSS culture of imposed bachelorhood, she added: " How do they become an authority on women's life?
He also catches the eye of the fetching Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) but temporarily spurns her affections; after all, the lowly vampire hunter is doomed to a lonely life of self-imposed bachelorhood, not unlike Spider-Man or James Buchanan.
The lads lived it up in Las Vegas during an eight-day bachelorhood bash.
It isn't long before he's enjoying bachelorhood but eventually he realises he still loves Emily and wishes he could go back.
For four long days I have been thrust into bachelorhood, while my wife, and female friends, are being pampered in Palma.