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US President Barack Obama has refused to back away from his new Middle East peacemaking vision that has angered Israel, as he addressed the Jewish state's staunchest American supporters amid a deep rift in US-Israeli ties.
But churches in the West could, if they chose, now heed the Windsor Report recommendation to back away from any actions that might cause further strife, at least while the wounds to the communion are still so raw and until there is more understanding on both sides.
This second volume of Rush Hour, like the first, does not back away from hard subjects but combines a variety of voices to explicate the bad boy phenomenon in American society.
But, if we are to back away, why would the rest of the world participate?
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could ease restrictions that have caused many municipalities and recyclers to back away from handling cathode ray tubes (CRTs) used in computer monitors and televisions.
The recall of millions of Firestone tires has been a huge financial hit for Ford, and has prompted Wall Street analysts to back away from the stock.
No pin, No pull lane, onside back away, search the QB.