back away from

See: eschew
References in classic literature ?
He tried the right, and had to back away from a furniture van that had no business to be there.
I turned back away from the park and struck into Park Road, intending to skirt the park, went along under the shelter of the terraces, and got a view of this stationary, howling Martian from the direction of St.
Quickly he crouched back away from the entrance, at the same time turning his eyes toward me.
To see anything, one had to enter the room and literally get up close to the drawings, which were always on the verge of disappearing, so to speak, should the visitor back away from the wall.
But churches in the West could, if they chose, now heed the Windsor Report recommendation to back away from any actions that might cause further strife, at least while the wounds to the communion are still so raw and until there is more understanding on both sides.
But prosecutor Lela Henke-Dobroth said the District Attorney's Office would not back away from its decision to pursue capital charges.
I won't back away from my comments because obviously he (the reporter) has them, and if I could take the word back, `sabotage,' I would take that back again.
Even though we now find ourselves in a transit crisis, we shouldn't back away from enforcement of our laws against bandit cabs.
I feel this is not the moment to back away from our established civilian oversight mechanisms,'' Christopher said in a statement.
That series of votes across the city has left at least some council members to back away from supporting the project, and the developer to go back to the original plan of providing senior units on that portion of the site.
The state shouldn't back away from funding new schools.
Chick's decision to back away from the permit requirement caused concern among homeowner leaders, who had opposed the ordinance legalizing home-based businesses but were assured the permit fee would pay for added inspectors to enforce the new law.