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For adult dancers with severe scoliosis, the back tends to get weak and stiff, and a back brace may ease the pressure when they're not performing.
She started an honours year project redesigning the back brace.
The problem with hard back braces goes beyond the physical pain and constraint that wearers experience.
The Sportsman's Back Brace prevents back injuries and provides relief for existing ones by promoting good posture and support to the spine.
The current study reports on the WREX, a body-powered orthosis design that is modular and easily mounted to a wheelchair or back brace and provides 3-D arm movements.
PHILADELPHIA -- A pneumatic vest was more effective than a conventional back brace for relieving back and leg pain in patients with discopathy in a controlled study with 36 patients followed for 1 year.
They're not allowed to drive and are usually placed in a back brace to aid in the bone-fusion process.
Graham Williams has scoliosis and was in a back brace from sixth through twelfth grade.
Cut a piece of 1-by-4 to 1 inch less than this length; this is the back brace.
EPIC), continuing their focus of developing Ohio's polymer industry by assisting the entrepreneur, has teamed with Rebecca LeBron OTR/L of Back Bracing Concepts to assist in creating and marketing the LeBron TLSO back brace.
Having to wear a bulky back brace can have a devastating social and emotional impact during the fragile developmental years of a girl's life, causing her to feel isolated from her peers.
JOCKEY Mikey Fogarty's discharge from hospital in Britain has been delayed as he waits for a back brace, writes Jessica Lamb.