back down

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I'm a fighting man through and through and I've never backed down from anyone in my life and I was certainly not going to back down from fighting this dispute," said the former world champion, who is keen to regain the titles he never lost in the ring.
They didn't back down the other day when we faced Tonga in training and they certainly didn't back down against Italy.
It's always exciting to be able to go against great competition, but as a basketball player, I was thought to never back down from anybody.
He asked the US administration to immediately intervene in order to compel Israel to back down from its recent measures in East Jerusalem and the mosque compound.
Most of the ejected gas falls back down onto the central region of the galaxy and then slowly trickles back toward the black hole to start the loop again.
I got a phone "I got a phone call a week later call a week later to say I'd made to say I'd made the nal 20 and the nal 20 and needed to go back down needed to go back down and lm the episode.
Broadley didn't back down but Turnbull eventually did.
BEIRUT: Women's rights organization Kafa criticized Wednesday Lebanese President Michel Sleiman for signing an amended version of the domestic violence law, saying it would not back down from achieving full protection for women in the country.
He landed in the country last night so I don't see any point in him coming all the way back up the country just to go back down to the South-east.
Iran 'will not back down over top Opec post' Iran will not back down in its quest for an Iranian head of Opec, the country's new oil minister, Bijan Zanganeh, was quoted by Mehr news agency as saying yesterday.
In "Won't Back Down," Gyllenhaal's character invokes the so-called parent-trigger law -- a real-life statute first passed in California, which allows parents and teachers to reclaim a failing school.
40pm yesterday but none of them were able to get back down.