back down

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The fellow did not wait to ask the reason for his coming; instead he leaped upon him with a long-sword, so that Astok had to parry a dozen vicious cuts before he could disengage himself and flee back down the runway.
The constraint that suddenly fell upon them was relieved when Bulan motioned her to follow him back down the trail into the gorge in search of food.
He started back down the cow trail, recollected Saxon, and called over his shoulder:
Though his entire back down to his side fins is of a deep sable, yet a boundary line, distinct as the mark in a ship's hull, called the bright waist, that line streaks him from stem to stern, with two separate colors, black above and white below.
Kim tore back down the ditch till he reached a point opposite his second resting-place, slipped across the road like a weasel, and re-coiled himself in the blanket.
Villa rode back down the slope to the opposite bank of the stream.
Looking back down the pool-strewn road, he saw the two excited philosophers waving their hands and shouting at each other, but their babble soon became a mere drone in the distance, and a turn in the road hid them from his sight.
I kept my head pretty well; but when I had him at last stretched on the couch, I wiped my forehead, while my legs shook under me as though I had carried half a ton on my back down that hill.
Throw enough mud and some of it sticks, well throw enough proposed changes of service, dilute the opposition, and you can temporarily back down on a high profile change, and sneak the others through the back door.
Even then, Cassie doesn't back down, but tracks the thugs to their hideout and ultimately learns the truth behind all that has gone on.
Marie, up to Wawa, across through Chapleau, down into Timmins and then back down to spend some time in Temagami.