back payments

See: arrears
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To conserve cash, officials have been holding back payments to suppliers and tax rebates to taxpayers and they are now discussing cutting employee work schedules by two days a week.
The pensions will include back payments going back to October last year when the Supreme Court ruled that state officials called out of retirement to serve in a different position should get both their salary and their pension from the previous post.
The caretakers and tradesmen argue they have been underpaid by an average of PS4,000 a year since August 1, 2007 and are claiming more than PS30,000 each in back payments.
On September 26, at a news conference in Sharjah, Dana Gas said it is owed $720 million in back payments by the governments of Egypt and Kurdistan for the natural gas it produced in those countries.
April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AARP commends the Illinois Senate for today's unanimous vote (54-0) on House Bill 207, that will provide $173 million to cover back payments to home care providers and allow older Illinoisans to continue to receive critically needed health and long-term care services in their homes and communities, rather than being forced into more costly care settings.
The money is back payments of fostering allowances to help to them care for children placed with them by local authorities.
Many of the utility companies, if you are in a fix and owe back payments, will very likely work a payment plan that will help.
With changed family circumstances, it may be very difficult to claw back payments or decide who should pay them.
If Germany agrees to the revised tax treaty, it could provide German tax authorities with tens of billions of euros in back payments.
The Oil Ministry made an announcement a few weeks ago saying it had received all the back payments owed.
JERMAINE Jackson has been ordered by a judge to pay his ex-wife pounds 50,000 in child support back payments.
Madsen is said to owe around 570,000 dollars in back payments for child and spousal support.