back payments

See: arrears
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As MPs discussed the timetable of Personal Independence Payments back payments, Brock said: "I find it shameful and depressing that it took a court case to drag this Government back to the edge of decency and I find the money wasted on legal proceedings abhorrent.
In my mind they have a lot of catching up to do in terms of back payments to the Treasury.
School catering staff were incorrectly paid for years, which has resulted in huge back payments, resulting with additional interest payments for staff, just to highlight a couple of other issues.
Sometimes if they are behind on their mortgage payments, the back payments add to the mortgage balance driving the price even higher.
The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) today reminds employers of the July 1 deadline to notify DIR of their intention to make back payments to piece-rate workers in exchange for relief from statutory penalties and other damages.
A committee was put together in Riyadh to solve the problem, the news agency reported, adding that the company has started paying a number of its workforce and promised to make regular back payments gradually and in succession.
Members of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association employed by Network Rail on the line - which connects London and Edinburgh via Durham and Newcastle - are involved in a row over back payments.
To conserve cash, officials have been holding back payments to suppliers and tax rebates to taxpayers and they are now discussing cutting employee work schedules by two days a week.
The pensions will include back payments going back to October last year when the Supreme Court ruled that state officials called out of retirement to serve in a different position should get both their salary and their pension from the previous post.
The caretakers and tradesmen argue they have been underpaid by an average of PS4,000 a year since August 1, 2007 and are claiming more than PS30,000 each in back payments.
On September 26, at a news conference in Sharjah, Dana Gas said it is owed $720 million in back payments by the governments of Egypt and Kurdistan for the natural gas it produced in those countries.