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The men, one of whom had a knife, burst into the shop and threatened a staff member, who was then locked in a back room while the robbers stole cash and cigarettes before making off.
The staff were held for over an hour in the back room as the offenders grabbed approximately PS2,000 in cash.
Over the years, the front room of my birth has been the back room of a bar, a taxi office and a curry takeaway.
When I entered that back room with my father it was obvious that they must rarely have ventured anywhere beyond it.
Many public sector back room services are now shared or outsourced so that more money can be directed to the front-line services on which we all depend - this is not an 'attack' on back room staff, it is the stark reality of trying to maintain public services at a time when demand and expectations are much more than can be delivered.
Attached to the club is a new leather bar called The Back Room.
CRESWELL - A two-bedroom single-family home sustained an estimated $50,000 in damages after a back room caught fire Tuesday night, South Lane Fire and Rescue Division Chief Joe Raade said.
The resident was alone inside the house when he heard some noise from a back room. The homeowner armed himself with a handgun and went to investigate.
Keith Phillips, president and CEO of Voxware, says this satellite DC might serve as an enhanced back room for a single store or provide three or four deliveries per day to each store within a certain radius.
Meantime the storeowner's brother, who was taking a break in the back room entertaining his daughter and newborn grandchild, heard the commotion and grabbed his "commotion-crushing device."
The back room was designed to look like the merchants traveling space, offering a more relaxed atmosphere and featuring a 12-foot community table.
"Our research shows that more than two-thirds of the time the computer is wrong and the associate would waste a lot of time walking back and forth from the back room to the front end of the store."