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Detective Sergeant Kevin Bowden said that three men wearing balaclavas entered the premises and locked two members of staff in the back room before stealing cash.
Our school includes the use of music therapy, which many of the pupils enjoy, and we were thrilled to be able to host Back Room for the afternoon.
Kate didn't want to stand outside in the rain so was escorted to a back room at the other end of the club," the Daily Star quoted sources as saying.
In addition, supermarkets don't undergo frequent redesigns, and even when one does get a facelift the back room is often overlooked.
The Cab is the perfect size for us and the back room will be flying again in no time at all.
Mr Walker, 22, said: "We were in the back room watching TV when we heard this big smash.
Some back room operations will be combined, but in the areas of editorial and promotion, the two companies will retain their separate identities.
And when the company agents can't handle a policy or think they can better serve their customer by putting him into the independent agency side, they'll have him go in the back room.
There was a certain dichotomy to news in the mid-1990s that Guy Giorno, a relatively obscure back room organizer, speech writer and policy advisor, had risen to a position of prominence within Ontario's Progressive Conservative party.
Nora goes to New York, where she stars in a widely listened to afternoon radio dramatic series, Clara, an elementary school teacher who remains in the family home, is traumatized by a rape followed by an abortion in a back room in Harlem.