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While at the arts precinct, the Premier also inspected construction on the $166.5 million redevelopment of the Geelong Arts Centre as works continue on the Ryrie Street project a project giving local groups like Back to Back and other theatre groups the cutting-edge facilities to thrive in.
This comes barely a few days after three back to back explosions at a cricket stadium in the city killed at least eight people.
There was some high drama as Pakistan obtained two back to back penalty corners in the penultimate minute but the Malaysian net minder Hairi Abdul Rahman anticipated well each time and it ended 1-1.
They will then be registered with Back to Back Careers to find employment.
Overall the book does not romanticise life in the back to back, and Carl Chinn in his excellent introduction is very clear that "hardship and bad housing are not romantic".
We do extremely rare back to back sets and it always goes OFF!
Conor Cooney shot 12 points for first time Galway champions St Thomas, including back to back scores that left it 2-12 to 0-18 after normal time.
Knoxville, TN, July 04, 2012 --( VERICOM, a global manufacturer of cable and cabling solutions based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is using the month of July to offer VERICOM CAT5E Unshielded Patch Panels with back to back RJ-45 connectors, designed for use in a variety of technology, business and a host of networking applications, at a highly discounted rate to offer businesses the ability to continue to grow their market share in these critically important industries.
The back to back terrace is threatened now too, The iron ball wreckers are finally due; We moved out last month with a tear in the eye To a back-to-back terrace upturned to the sky.
For single or back to back fixing, opposing K-Lock handles on back to back door installations are linked by horizontal tubular cross struts carrying standard Euro profile cylinder locks secured by a steel dead bolt.
THERE'S three times the fun in Warwickshire this weekend as radio presenter Don Maclean, comedian Malcolm Stent and performer Dave Sealey join forces for comedy special Back To Back.
Because you print articles back to back with each other, if I clip one article, I lose part of the other.