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Overall the book does not romanticise life in the back to back, and Carl Chinn in his excellent introduction is very clear that "hardship and bad housing are not romantic".
This black CAT5E VERICOM UTP 24 Port Patch Panel with back to back RJ-45 connectors is made of high quality black metal and includes blanks above each port for ease in labeling.
I always remember Eoin Kelly, he won a Fitzgibbon Cup and all he wanted was to put one back to back.
George Saunders fought against prejudice and hardship to set himself up as one of Birmingham's best-known tailors and the last trader to leave the city's famous back to backs.
She is now upset to be told that this pregnancy, which is a girl, is exactly the same - back to back.
For the whole of the 19th century the back to back court was the most economic and practical solution to working-class housing.
20), which came back to back during a five-run fifth.
and the back provided It is called, most fittingly, We Lived Back to Back and I cannot think of anyone better than them to have written it as I know that they have handled their research, gathering of photographs, and writing with empathy, sensitivity and understanding.
Birmingham's last surviving courtyard of Back to Back houses has been opened to the public for the first time.
Newbold made out twice before going back to back to earn the title.