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Our new findings suggest that many businesses would not only lose data but also face delays of several days to restore their back-ups if they had an IT failure.
All data is transferred off site and, based on policies set by the client, frequently used documents go to the OptiProtect daily back-up vault, while historical information is sent to the OptiProtect archive vault for eventual disposal under retention guidelines.
In addition to maintaining network connection during power outages, the APC Back-UPS BGE70 protects devices from potential damage during outages and other power-related events such as voltage spikes, a reduction in input voltage, noise or unstable frequencies.
Runtime for the new APC Back-UPS Pro 500 model ranges from 5 - 25 minutes for typical computer systems.
By utilizing MM/TapeSecure, our partners and clients can now securely copy their valuable tape back-ups at no cost and confidently send them off-site," said Brendan Sullivan, president of eMag Solutions.
We continue to make great strides in the advancement of APC's Back-UPS family to meet the evolving needs of consumers," said Joe Loberti, APC's vice president of Home and Distributed Systems.
The APC Back-UPS ES 750 also protects users from devastating 'backdoor' surges that occur over data lines.
Lombard and freshman Chase Moline will serve as back-ups.
With the volume of material that Zubick handles, downtime for the material handling-equipment means costly back-ups for the trucks in the yard and for customer orders.
The Irish Cancer Society (ICS) said yesterday most support and educational back-ups were mainly designed for women over the age of 50.
Staying with the computer system for a while, do you do regular back-ups of all that is on your system, do you take those back-ups off site and have you ever tried using those back-ups to restore your system and confirm they contain all the data you need to continue trading?
But head coach Bill Beli-chick is a master at defensive scheming and he has squeezed every ounce of talent out of some young and inexperienced back-ups to lead the