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2--for treatment of the backbite vices attribute, two ways of brief and detailed, for treatment of lie, language imprisonment and speech evaluation; for treatment of traduce, kick back to velleity and back to wisdom and intellect; for the treatment of slander, not listening to the words of each speaker and avoidance of mistrust and a good withdraw; for the treatment of flap about, refering to flap about finally; for the treatment of profanity, remembering the resurrection and thought; for the treatment of ridicule, sequel to this attribute has been proposed by imam imam, peace be upon him.
He was Sir Benjamin Backbite in Sheridan's farce The School For Scandal at the Edinburgh Festival alongside Lionel Blair, Marcus Brigstocke and Phil Nichol.
There's prissy Crabtree (played by Edward Hibbert), his poet nephew Sir Benjamin Backbite (Scott Parkinson) and Mrs.