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Interspersed with clips of the show is the backbiting and cringe-inducing action that goes on behind the scenes, as the week's celebrity guests set themselves up for the camera.
He said: "I think G8 is going to be characterised by backbiting over Iraq.
Because of the MTA's backbiting and territorial imperative, immense red tape and cost overrides, they still remain the court jesters of the state.
The extramarital activity is nothing compared to the backbiting which ensues when a top Lonsdale Gardens property comes on the market.
The controversy sparked a new round of backbiting, with Duncan Smith warning rival Ken Clarke to "stop this ridiculous campaign of vilification and smears".
Though the 39-year-old author says he had ``a great childhood'' in his hometown of Zapata, Texas, you wouldn't guess it from his plays' depictions of adulterous auto mechanics, wayward beauticians and backbiting in-laws.
As far as the rules for this contest were concerned, not only has the Marquis of Queensberry been conspicuous by his absence, but some of the backbiting makes Mike Tyson's incisored assault on Evander Holyfield's ear look like a love bite.
Newspapers filled with accusations of backbiting, daily outbursts in front of the cameras.
Reconstructing a career leaves these former power brokers struggling for dignity in the often ferocious and backbiting arena that created them.
ACTOR John Forgeham, who plays soccer boss Frank Laslett in Footballers' Wives, has condemned members of the cast as a bunch of backbiting, petulant superbitches, and that's just the men.
IF Donald Dewar was under any illusion that he could nail the backbiting and jockeying for position within his Cabinet by granting a round of tame interviews to even tamer reporters, he was sadly mistaken.
The French film industry was much in evidence this year in the competition with, among other films, Patrice Leconte's ``Ridicule'' (clever backbiting in the court of Louis XVI) and Jacques Audiard's ``Self-Made Hero'' (Mathieu Kassovitz as a charming imposter, pretending to be a World War II Resistance hero).