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As a model and example for Muslims to follow, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gave many examples from his own life about how to deal with the evils of gossip and backbiting.
Salman said that as opposed to her belief that Andy was at fault for backbiting and causing animosity, all the housemates were equally responsible for confiding their issues to Andy.
Case studies illustrate situations involving inappropriate relationships, dealing with school policies and child protective services, conflict with the school principal, backbiting, and others.
From backbiting coworkers to clueless bosses to litigators of all flavors from megalomaniacal to nearly-dead from exhaustion, 100 Words Per Minute offers a wry glimpse into trials and tribulations, and what working within America's legal system is really like.
Lyons's differentiated and tireless reading makes the Tudor court with all of its backbiting and intrigue come completely to life.
This does not even begin to mention the saga of arguing, backbiting, threatening and litigating that has elapsed throughout these last few awkward months.
And their nasty, backbiting efforts to lay the blame on others for their own failings is breathtaking.
And in a direct warning to spin doctors and plotters he said: "Let's show we can elect a new leader without bitterness and backbiting.
But patrons often request one well-liked stylist by name, causing jealousy and backbiting among his less-favored colleagues.
No matter your political bent, the dramatization of the Dems convention, which was the season closer for the John Wells series, captured the horsetrading and backbiting that underlie these quadrennial rituals.