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Interested parties can buy a chunk of the trail by contributing $100 a foot to the Backbone Trail Completion Campaign.
Imagine an extended hike that gets you away with each step from the hectic life of Los Angeles and into the mountains,'' said Congressman Brad Sherman, D-Woodland Hills, a member of the House of Representatives budget committee and chief proponent of the Backbone Trail funding.
CERNET National Center is located in Tsinghua University, which is responsible for operation and management of CERNET backbone nationwide.
The Backbone Trail will link these protected 60,000 acres of parks between the city of Los Angeles and Ventura County, making the National Recreation Area a continuous and contiguous national park.
Our experience with McDATA's Intrepid 10000 backbone director is very positive.
The success of this trial means that we can now deliver our high-definition video content using the cost effective Internet backbone," said Yasuhiro Ito, manager of Miyagi Network's telecommunication technology division.
McDATA's Intrepid i10K is the backbone of a tiered network and is key to enabling a tiered storage networking strategy, where a customer's infrastructure is matched with their tiered storage environment by bandwidth, availability and cost.
As a Backbone Director, the Intrepid i10K reduces capital costs and simplifies management by consolidating the network footprint with 256 non-blocking ports, native 10Gbit/s ISLs and patent pending director FlexPar(TM) technology.
Under the new contract, Ericsson will be providing industry-leading AXI 580-3 and AXI 520-8 IP backbone routers, while expanding the existing AXI 520-4 routers.
Mzima has established itself as a leader in the Asia/Pacific market due to its extensive connectivity with backbones in many countries in the region," said Grant Kirkwood, Chief Technology Officer.
a pioneer in the emerging storage network backbone market, today unveiled a new management platform that harnesses Sandial's ConnectIQ(TM) network intelligence to usher in a new era of Intelligent Network Services (INS).