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The high-tech research firm reports that in the face of a forecasted zero percent growth in the number of backbone connections used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the year 2002, backbone providers will need to focus on key decision criteria used by ISPs (such as price, reliability, company reputation, company stability, and availability of service) in selecting their backbone providers.
Using Avici Systems' core router, the TSR, AT&T backbone links form two paths across the U.
7-mile section, known as Zuma Canyon, heads northwest from the Backbone Trailhead parking area off Kanan-Dume Road, located at the first tunnel north of the Pacific Coast Highway (1).
In addition to their complexity, the cost of Backbone Switches is also a barrier to their adoption.
Starting from the west edge of the dirt parking lot at the top of Corral Canyon Road (elevation: 2,025 feet), the Backbone Trail, or BBT, drops past an old power line service road (1,900 feet) six-tenths of a mile in on its descent to Upper Solstice Canyon.
For example, a machine serving up video content to end users of one backbone may have to send that data across other backbones, depending on the 'net's traffic at any given time.
Storms driven by the tropical terror ripped into the Backbone Trail this winter, carving gullies in some portions, dumping mud on other sections and washing out some parts entirely.
Or foolhardily bushwhack the segment east of Circle X Ranch, where the Backbone Trail is today only a tentative line on a map, resulting in a six-mile gap.