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Liam Mellows - backboned by former county captain David Collins - are bidding for their ninth title in all but their first since 1970.
This collective product offering brings Axxon Next VMS users an innovative surveillance solution backboned by VioStor NVR's rock-solid hardware and reliable storage features.
Meanwhile, 6-foot-8 senior center Brendan Kilcoyne has backboned the offensive and defensive boards while averaging 10.
28 ( ANI ): Backboned animals, at least the ones with jaws, have four fins or limbs, one pair in front and one pair behind and these have been modified dramatically in the course of evolution, into a marvelous variety of fins, legs, arms, flippers, and wings.
Ulster, backboned by a spate of Armagh's All-Ireland winning players, had to fight all the way against Munster.
upon which much of the exhibit is based, Patricia Rich concludes: "So much is yet to be understood about the origin and evolution of vertebrates on this continent, the reason why Australia has served as a refuge at the end of the world for numerous groups of backboned animals, the effects of changing latitude and climate on the fauna of a continent that has moved a drastic 20 to 25 degrees in latitude during the last 40 million years -- and is still moving.
Kilcar, backboned by the McHughs, midfielder Ciaran McGinley and skipper Paddy McBrearty who nailed 0-8 against Scotstown, appear to have the quality.
In the AmCats' season-opening 4-0 win over Colby-Sawyer, Lowe had three assists while Beauregard backboned the defensive effort.
Seven All-Ireland titles later, Delaney is 30 now himself and part of an ageing spine that has backboned Kilkenny's golden era.
Backboned by Gareth Southgate and Ugo Ehiogu, Boro could withstand the usual Arsenal blitzkrieg for 45 minutes.