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There was another sound of tearing, the backbone flew over the bulwarks, and the fish, headless, gutted, and open, splashed in the tub, sending the salt water into Harvey's astonished mouth.
He returned to the beach and clambered about, over the rocky backbone, again hunting for me with lighted matches, The closeness of the shave impelled me to further flight.
There lay a vast territory, and in that territory were the hugest deposits in the world of iron and coal--the backbone of industrial civilization.
 A certain firmness -- mostly you're [sic] backbone.
So is the backbone of his horse,' quoth the prince.
The Appeal paid union wages; and, in fact, was the backbone of the town, giving employment to hundreds of men and women.
Peter Winn, Senior, scanning the heavens with powerful glasses, saw the monoplane leap into view and grow large over the rugged backbone of Angel Island.
And, beginning at the edge of it, grew the grass--sweet, soft, tender, pasture grass that would have delighted the eyes and beasts of any husbandman and that extended, on and on, for leagues and leagues of velvet verdure, to the backbone of the great island, the towering mountain range flung up by some ancient earth-cataclysm, serrated and gullied but not yet erased by the erosive tropic rains.
The island was highest at its extreme south-western point, the headlands and backbone diminishing regularly until the north-eastern portion was only a few feet above the sea.
A heart weary and flippant; an unstable will; fluttering wings; a broken backbone.
Hall was leading Billy up what seemed a perpendicular wall in order to gain the backbone of the rock.
The Countess owns great hereditary estates, she comes from a family which is almost Royal, she herself is an aristocrat to the backbone.