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He asked the government to take steps for economic and political stability to control and rid the masses of backbreaking inflation.
Tasks which take seconds in the UK can mean backbreaking work in poor communities, keeping girls from attending school and women from paid work.
Occupy groups protest student debt, outsourcing, downsizing, backbreaking medical expense, bankers, securicrats, and Congressional coma.
This year's contestants--mining engineering students from 15 colleges around the world--reenacted 18th- and 19th-century backbreaking mining techniques, including those used during California's Gold Rush in the 1840s and 50s.
Career: At 28, Doherty quit his life as a city-dwelling academic and threw himself into the backbreaking task of transforming a dilapidated old dairy farm into a flourishing organic pig business.
It put three academics and no actual farmers in a pastoral time-pod depicting backbreaking labour as a terrifically jolly lark.
This gives our clients the ability to have a very intelligent conversation with their investment managers, rather than spending time doing the backbreaking data work," Gates says
The central defender will deputise for skipper Davie Weir, who will be given the night off after a backbreaking start to the season for club and country.
Backbreaking work that only a cold beer could ease.
As the historical narration recounts the backbreaking labor that went into laying the track and blasting the 680-foot tunnel, it will give him a chance to remind you of the chores he used to do before walking miles to school, both ways being uphill of course.
Despite chronically high unemployment rates in Italy's underdeveloped south many residents don't want to do the backbreaking seasonal farm work.
Others, meanwhile, encourage a backbreaking strike on Iran, the paper continued.