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I urge the Govt to rollback Central excise duty & provide urgent relief from the backbreaking burden," Stalin tweeted.
Ultimately, all of that backbreaking work paid off (though many of the Chinese laborers were cheated out of even basic wages, and some were forced back to China after construction was over): "Six years after the groundbreaking, laborers of the Central Pacific Railroad from the west and the Union Pacific Railroad from the east met at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory.
(1) Alexandra Oberlander, "Cushy Work, Backbreaking Leisure: Late Soviet Work Ethics Reconsidered," Kritika 18, 3 (2017): 569-90.
"We have one media personnel accompanying a delegation of nine legislators, which is backbreaking since it requires moving from one hall to another - which is a burden and results in a lack of proper coverage," she said.
Given the horrible treatment, meager food, and backbreaking labor, it might as well be a death sentence.
"We've done all the work so you don't need to and here - after backbreaking research - we reveal the very best things with which to fill your glass this winter."
Howard also caught a backbreaking 17-yard touchdown pass from change-of-pace quarterback Marquise Williams late in the third quarter.
This sawbuck setup saves a lot of time and backbreaking, unnecessary work.
Life on the farm can be tough--there are years when rain is scarce, and work is oftentimes backbreaking. But for one day in a rural community, folks come together to celebrate all the positives of rural life.
"As an inventor, his primary focus was pioneering the automation of matchplate molding and mold handling processes to facilitate our industry's most backbreaking tasks."
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the Islamic resistance movements, specially Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad, was able to impose "backbreaking" defeats on the Zionist regime of Israel due to their high morale of resistance.
Deck demolition can be messy, backbreaking work, so the faster it gets done, the better.