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Spray at the roots to provide instant glamorous "backcombed" texture, height and volume.
Gather the section of hair between the arches of both brows and gently backcomb to build body, then secure hair in a pony at the crown, pulling tightly on both sides but leaving the teased top a bit loose.
'DO HOW-TO Use a paddle brush to backcomb the banes.
Backcomb roots to give as much lift as you can, then smooth over again.
Lift the hair either side of the parting and backcomb slightly with a bristle brush before using your fingers to separate the hair in half above your ears and pin in place.
Take sections, starting from the bottom, then backcomb and spritz with hairspray.
The Party Loving Hair & Make-Up Kit comes in a quilted black bag and is packed with everything a grunge-glamazon could ever need for big hair, dramatic eyes and rock-chick nails - Glam Hair Sex Bomb Massive Mousse, Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle, Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray (for texture), Painted Lady Eye shadow Duo and Painted Lady Feliner Pen, and the Painted Lady 'Love Letter Blue' Nail Varnish.
Gently backcomb front section at the roots to create volume and texture, then brush back, leaving short layers to fall around face.
UP, UP AND AWAY If you have long, thick hair, turn your head upside down and backcomb your hairline, going all around face, ears and top of neck, then flip your head back, grab your hair in your hands and twist up and clip.
If your hair starts to drop during the day, grab a comb and lightly backcomb the underneath sections, letting the top layers fall over it.