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It's only been a day since the campaign went live and it already has 119 backers pledging $3,424.
The company chose Kickstarter over other crowdfunding platforms because Kickstarter seemed to have the most traffic and backers trust that Kickstarter's platform encourages creators to finish their projects.
Backers also like to see that their donations are getting the project creators excited, so that they can share in your jubilation as you draw closer to your target.
EPIC BRUM - MAKING IMPACT HUB BIRMINGHAM A REALITY 586 backers pledged PS65,095 A collaborative workspace now open in Digbeth's Walker Building to help Brummies develop their creative and business ideas.
Potential backers should call Mr Granton on 07798 587310.
We thank our Malaysian backers for responding so quickly to concerns raised by many Cardiff City supporters and look forward to working with them in the future for the good of the club we love.
At the snap, the backers will take one step to their gap and re-gather.
ID backers lost political momentum in two states in November.
While the president and his corporate backers wield enormous media power, they pose as intrepid and besieged underdogs.
Meanwhile Liam Fox's supporters are trying to lure David Davis's backers away, saying the Shadow Foreign Secretary was best placed to stop Mr Cameron.
Meanwhile Liam Fox's supporters were last night trying to lure David Davis's backers away, saying the shadow foreign secretary was best placed to stop Mr Cameron.