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"I was party to it - they wouldn't have done it without my permission and I thought it would be something different for pre-season, but you didn't want it to backfire.
"This sort of tactic could backfire because people expect everything to be taken care of.
'If the repercussions to reduce the voting age backfire then it's too late for us.
'I see his June 12 declaration as a political game and going to backfire the same way Jonathan was when he tried to name UNILAG after Abiola.
"The Broken Angel / Backfire and Other Stories" is comprised of six hardboiled stories of revenge, robbery, murder and mayhem from the pages of Manhunt magazine!
Just as the way the terrorist group of ISIL has turned against them, the oil price cut campaign will also backfire," Shamkhani said Wednesday, addressing the National Congress of Resistance Economy in Tehran.
Backfires aren't so common these days, and this one was easily fixed.
There are four feeding techniques that can be used while designing the backfire antenna.
The self-restraint exercised by US President Barack Obama serves the US and Israeli interests, Boroujerdi, who is in Lebanon for an official visit along with a parliamentary delegation, said in a press conference, indicating that any political miscalculation in this regard could negatively backfire on the entire region.
Abbasa ago for brokea strategy in the UN may backfire. He counts on the backing of Brazil, but it soon will leave the Security Council.' style="float:right;" />
The Swede said: "During the game I wasn't thinking if the decision to rest the players would backfire. We made the decision before the match and have a good enough squad to cope.
It was then I remembered something an old ex-Navy pilot told me: Sometimes, it's possible to blow ice off of a carburetor by priming a windmilling engine and causing it to backfire. "It will either backfire or, well, catch fire.