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We were standing by then in the middle of the room with its vivid colours on a black background, with its multitude of winged figures with pale limbs, with hair like halos or flames, all strangely tense in their strained, decorative attitudes.
Slowly, the fantastic women with butterflies' wings and the slender-limbed youths with the gorgeous pinions on their shoulders were vanishing into their black backgrounds with an effect of silent discretion, leaving us to ourselves.
His head was immovable; nor did he betray the slightest consciousness that any were present, except when his haughty eye rolled toward the dusky forms of the warriors, who stalked in the background silent and sullen observers of the scene.
An order very similar to that adopted in the preceding interview was observed; the aged and superior chiefs occupying the area of the spacious apartment, within the powerful light of a glaring torch, while their juniors and inferiors were arranged in the background, presenting a dark outline of swarthy and marked visages.
This update was pre-empted by the Chromium team in September last year when they announced changes on how Chrome handles background tabs.
The following results were obtained: (1) Genomic similarity selection and index selection can make recipient genome recover entirely through 3~4 backcross generations, though MBLUP selection could not make recipient genome recover quickly, it can get the most genetic responses for background traits.
Most states require fingerprint-based formal background checks/criminal history records checks, but only a handful of states require an additional background check at each renewal period.
A Matter of Fact is very pleased with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners' announcement that our organization is recognized as Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC) Accredited," stated A Matter of Fact President Glenn Hammer.
The literature focused on the impact of the additive form of background risk.
Early criminal background checks are needed for several reasons.
Resume, Application, And Letter Tips For People With Hot And Not-So-Hot Backgrounds
Stories like this one--or even worse--are common, which makes one wonder why some HR managers prefer to stay in the dark rather than conduct thorough background checks on job candidates they plan to hire.