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A CT of your abdomen is 10 mSv, or the equivalent of three years of background radiation.
Recent radiological Studies of high background radiation areas of Ramsar.
Therefore an attempt is made in the present investigation to studies on the analysis of radioactivity content in drinking water of the Naturally High Background Radiation Areas(NHBRA) in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, India.
According to the survey, no sample product had a radiation level that largely exceeded the background radiation level, which is the radiation present in the natural environment.
Optimism moves the quotes upwards despite the continuing warfare in Libya and the rising background radiation around Fukusima-1.
A day earlier, the Foreign Ministry said that some Bulgarian embassy staff were being moved from Tokyo 1000km south to Fukuoka because of increased background radiation.
The average human gets a dose of six millisieverts of background radiation in a year.
Comparison of the effective doses of different radiographic procedures to levels of background radiation (natural occurring radiation that is constantly present in the environment) provides context to understand the significance of exposure.
We are all exposed to natural background radiation exposure from-rocks, radon, cosmic rays, food, and water.
He also makes the statement that background radiation on the coast of Brazil exceeds 150 mSv a year.
A worsening of the radiation situation and a growth in the background radiation as a result of a transfer of materials from the fires have not been recorded anywhere in Russia," he said.
Two spots had 5000 times more radiation levels than the safe background radiation, Greenpeace representatives said.