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In spirit, he backhandedly channels American landscape painters such as the conflicted romantic/pessimist Thomas Cole and westward-ho optimist Frederic Church.
But the March polls were so remarkably well organised and peaceful that even the European Union and America admitted to as much, albeit backhandedly.
Characterizing the plaintiff backhandedly as a "moron" is undignified and reveals your apparent lack of appreciation for what actually occurred.
119) yet another case involving a tax on export insurance, the Court backhandedly blessed Thames & Mersey by refusing to reconsider its earlier decision.
Backhandedly, there is an irrepressible psychological feature--not having to do with aesthetics--that renders Afolayan fascinating in the same way Balzac can be.
The minute the Greens start backhandedly supporting Democrats with a cute "strategic voting" scheme is the minute the public stops taking Greens seriously.
xix), Walsh helping Handel's cause rather backhandedly.
Backhandedly, Judge Kozinski provides a fresh and cogent rationale for regarding those roles as inconsistent with the common law tradition and with modern federal practice.
In that respect, informationalism's openness to 'lifelong learning' backhandedly acknowledges the inability of even the best schooling to shelter one from the vicissitudes of the new global marketplace.