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Chalfant and playwright Alexander Dinelaris prepare us for "Red Dog's" entrails-twisting finale both overtly and backhandedly.
On the other hand, one of my childhood mentors backhandedly complimented Jesuit "astuteness" upon learning I would attend the Jesuits' St.
In an interview with Der Spiegel McEwan praises Blair, albeit backhandedly, as "the least bad prime minister we've had.
While not as serviceable as later Colts and Smith & Wessons, the Army and Navy was an important weapon for no other reasons, I believe, than it legitimized the use of the swing-out cylinder and, rather backhandedly, caused the U.
26) Thoreau describes it backhandedly in a passage from "Solitude":
8) In Rasul, the Court backhandedly overruled this case, Johnson v.
Her point that Spallanzani supported women as passive vessels of reproduction ignores how he redefines life as a more passive circulation of fluids and thus backhandedly gives women the credit for life (291).
is backing one of the warring militias - thus backhandedly confirming that the Somalia operation had White House approval.
In spirit, he backhandedly channels American landscape painters such as the conflicted romantic/pessimist Thomas Cole and westward-ho optimist Frederic Church.
But the March polls were so remarkably well organised and peaceful that even the European Union and America admitted to as much, albeit backhandedly.
Characterizing the plaintiff backhandedly as a "moron" is undignified and reveals your apparent lack of appreciation for what actually occurred.
119) yet another case involving a tax on export insurance, the Court backhandedly blessed Thames & Mersey by refusing to reconsider its earlier decision.