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He joked that his boss on hit ITV shows The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent has a habit of backing the wrong horse.
So, despite the best intentions of the investors in credit unions, they may end up backing the wrong horse.
Key Topics Covered: Synopsis Market trends and developments - Digital television - slow but steady growth - Seven and Ten launch new digital FTA high definition channels - Market Trends on new digital channels - Freeview Market Analysis - The digital TV switchover in 2013 will prove challenging Market statistics and forecasts - Statistics - 2007 and 2008 Market surveys - Canon Digital Lifestyle Index survey - 2007 - The connected home - ACMA's Digital television in Australian homes 2007 report - ACMA Digital Media in Australian Homes - 2006 - Digital media in Australian homes - 2006 survey Market analysis - Are we backing the wrong horse with HD?
We punters can cope with backing the wrong horse, poor jockeyship and trainers who couldn't get a mouse to eat cheese.