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Is he so frightened of backing the wrong horse? Or will he literally share a stage with anyone to keep everyone happy?
The few of us who wanted Hodgson, and not Redknapp, to succeed Fabio Capello were told we were backing the wrong horse. By supporters of a bloke who can't tell a top-class jockey from a bar-room potman.
"Our research shows the Government is backing the wrong horse. Instead of pouring billions of pounds into a single line that will take 20 years to complete we should be spreading our bets on a wider range of transport investments that offer better value for money."
Having said that, it is no small feat that they were able to forge consensus on significant constitutional reforms that considerably defanged the security establishment, and even though rival former prime minister Nawaz Sharif realised his mistake in backing the wrong horse initially, the PPP leadership successfully thwarted attempts to dislodge its government courtesy the Memogate - where Hussain Haqqani, the former ambassador to US was alleged to have secretively sought Obama administration's intervention to save the PPP government from a possible coup.
Another punter backing the wrong horse is Chesney, who lets jealousy get the better of him over Katy.