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When the new law comes into place, backless booster seats will only be approved for use for children taller than 125cm and weighing more than 22kg.
A strong role, the backless shot, steamy lovemaking scenes and several lip locks have helped her become the centre of attraction of Kurbaan .
found that ten of the 31 backless and highback tested booster seats provided a "best" belt fit, and five provided a "good" belt fit; thirteen performed poorly enough so that they are not recommended at all.
Black sequin backless dress, pounds 125, double-belted dress, pounds 65, corsage dress, pounds 85 and black mac,pounds 99.
Key highlights include a turquoise silk shift with flowing chiffon sleeves, a sleek sequin backless dress and an iconic black corsage dress along with patent, leopard print lined shoes and ankle boots, Patricia Field graffiti print bags and scarves and a fabulous Mongolian fur bag.
Dressed in a low-cut, backless, purple gown, the actress braved the cold October evening in Leicester Square and wandered around for more than half an hour showing her bump off to photographers and signing autographs.
Rogers, in a backless, black chiffon dress, is hypnotized by her pyschotherapist, Astaire, and the swooning backbends and final circling, horizontal lift tell us everything about her character's feelings for her partner.
Mm, might need a backless slinky number for those that's for sure.
Dear, I know there's nothing wrong with me, but remember that wonderfully airy backless gown they gave me at Charity Memorial?
Seating is simple angular backless benches made of solid, edge-laminated common alder; but this elegant, pared down minimalism could prove inhospitable during long church services.
Backless benches are also available in three- and four seat units (in the all-aluminum model only).