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host, rocked out in sexy backless Armani Prive with sequins and peplum
A strong role, the backless shot, steamy lovemaking scenes and several lip locks have helped her become the centre of attraction of Kurbaan .
From left clockwise: Black sequin backless dress - pounds 125, black double belted dress - pounds 65, corsage dress - pounds 85, black mac - pounds 99; Turquoise dress - pounds 75
I worked well into the night, but realised pretty quickly that even my own crude attempt was a comfortable and supportive backless, strapless bra.
For me, a backless leotard is essential, especially in summer, transitioning from day to night.
Rogers, in a backless, black chiffon dress, is hypnotized by her pyschotherapist, Astaire, and the swooning backbends and final circling, horizontal lift tell us everything about her character's feelings for her partner.
Mm, might need a backless slinky number for those that's for sure.
The show started with a bang with Aakriti Anand Singh dancing a seductive sequence to Infinity by Josh Project and Guru in a sexy backless gown.
Seating is simple angular backless benches made of solid, edge-laminated common alder; but this elegant, pared down minimalism could prove inhospitable during long church services.
Jill Silver, the inventor of the Demikini, the new strapless, backless bikini held up by no more than a couple of dabs of glue, is hoping it will become the must have for sun seekers this summer.
Available in backed and backless versions, these versatile benches allow armrest quantity and placement to be specified.
The diminutive singer, whose mum Carol is from Maesteg, changed from her gorgeous white, tassled, backless dress into an even more revealing outfit to collect the award for Top Tour for her Fever dates.