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Alexander continued: President Trump and Secretary Zinke have made addressing the growing maintenance backlog a top priority, and I agree we have a responsibility to address the growing maintenance backlog in our national parks.
From 1 January to 31 December 2017, the courts in BiH closed a total of 149,154 backlog cases.
44 million CGTs order backlog at the end of last month, while Japanese rivals' order backlog reached 20.
Despite a decrease in the value of contracts awarded in Q3 2014, the order backlog of contractors in the GCC has increased, according to Kuwait-based Global Investment House.
The Hon'ble Judges continued to hear the cases with the aim to minimize the backlog and provide relief to the litigants.
Recommendation: To provide a realistic estimate of the government's fiscal exposure resulting from repair and maintenance backlogs and minimize the potential for duplicative reporting requirements, the Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget, in conjunction with the Federal Real Property Council (FRPC) and in consultation with Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB), should explore the potential for developing a uniform reporting requirement in the FRPP that would capture the government's fiscal exposure related to real property repair and maintenance.
Once the issue is clarified for all staff, the next two steps--separation and simplification--work hand-in-hand to increase productivity and rapidly address the growing backlog of transactions.
Now, apply the above to a backlog of maintenance work orders.
A deferred maintenance backlog is the quantification of accumulated maintenance projects left unaddressed.
Until someone invents a foolproof just in time marketing scheme, backlog will be something remodelers worry about and homeowners learn to live with.