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Three of the six agencies--the Departments of Energy (DOE), the Interior (DOI), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)--defined their backlogs as work that was identified to correct deficiencies.
While eventually effective, this common strategy brings with it a litany of problems, including reduced quality, inconsistent service, increased errors, staff burnout and, often enough, new backlogs in the departments where work has been redistributed--a high cost to pay in the name of reduced expenses and staff efficiency.
Cooper says there's no one recommendation that will eliminate backlogs.
In most other situations, CEOs should manage in ways that work to eliminate the cushion backlogs are thought to provide.
Backlogs of varying degrees have occurred at most stages of the claims process.
5%, indicating manufacturers' backlogs in September were higher when compared to August.
Long-standing backlogs of immigration benefit applications result in delays for immigrants, their families, and prospective employers who participate in the legal immigration process.