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With this proposition, we will begin to eliminate the backlog of evidence analysis, which will allow us to present evidence to the courts in a more timely manner, which will allow for quicker processing of cases,'' said Capt.
While the CBI edged higher in September, backlog generally remains uncomfortably small, particularly for firms in the heavy industrial category.
The backlog of individuals waiting to be naturalized has gone up tremendously over the past few years,'' she said, ``and in response these centers will help reduce the delays caused when applicants submit illegible or incomplete fingerprints.
Compared to June, the average backlog in July rose in the Northeast, Middle States and the West.
During the past seven months, nonresidential backlog is down by an average of 24 days.
Tim and his team chose SDS to handle the hospital's backlog primarily because of their remote coding option.
Strong backlogs support high-single-digit full year sales growth expectations for brand adidas
As the benefits of DNA testing become more and more evident, the already massive backlogs of unsolved rapes, homicides and property crime cases continue to increase.
Additional rating considerations are BBD's leading market positions across all business units; the more conservative strategy and portfolio at BC, including continued progress on reducing assets under management; BBD's new leadership and the related strategic changes; and the large Bombardier Transportation (BT) backlog.
The proceeds from these credit lines will be used to fund production of existing NMP backlog.
Increased Backlog -- Respondents remain thankfully "burdened" by order backlogs.
Moreover, 64 per cent of the backlog is related to international contracts and 12 per cent arises from the Group's proportionate share of the backlogs of the joint ventures which are now included in the total backlog as a result of proportionate consolidation accounting.